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Horsepal HRM

Its here! the All new Horsepal HRM G2. Now with an on/off/reset button its never been easier to measure a Horses Heart rate. The G2 heart rate monitor can measure a Horse’s heart rate in under 10 seconds which can be easily viewed on its screen. Elevating the rider and elevating Your horse.

Horsepal HRM G2

This very versatile monitor can be clipped onto the Horsepal Handle or Electrode belt which comes included with the system.

Phone/Watch Connection Indicator

Battery Level

Beats Per Minute


Signal Detection


On/Off/Reset Button

Health Kit

*HRM Belt is not for a training


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Training Kit


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Full Kit


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How it Works

Step 1

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Horsepal App

Horsepal Heart Rate Monitor can be connected to the Horsepal 2.0 iPhone/Android phone and Apple Watch/ Google WearOS Smart Watch


Measure horse heart rate in real-time or start training and analyse data later.

Start training and record speed, distance, heart rate, duration, ambient temp-humi. Analyze data after on the phone or website.

Share your live training with a trainer or friend. They will be able to see your training in real-time over the website or app.

Manage multiple stables, manage staff, vet and farrier interaction & invoicing

Manage multiple horses inside stable

Associate Owner, Person in Charge, Vet, Farrier, Trainer, Rider with Stable or Horse

Rug recommender, weather forecast, complex algorithms to eleminate guesswork

Build a family tree for all your horses

Store all your equine documentation, retrieve at the push of a button

Upload horse images and videos. Images and videos are stored securely in the cloud and can be retrieved anytime.

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