The Horsepal monitor aids the daily management of horse welfare providing owners with information to ensure the horses’ wellbeing is maintained. The device can easily be fitted into any horse rug & allows owners to monitor their horse’s activity, temperature and humidity from their mobile phone/desktop, offering real time & historic data. It also features a stable management function & all info can be recorded in one place. It takes the guesswork out of your horse’s optimum comfort levels.


“As always, we are extremely focused on rug innovation which of course has included digital development and using the latest tools to analyse blankets with the ultimate aim of making life easier for horse and rider. The Horsepal project began out of the development of a rugging advice algorithm.

Our R&D team continuously monitor different types of horses, in different temperature situations, and in multiple locations but we never had any real data on blanket temperature and humidity levels. We decided to build a bespoke sensor so we could properly analyse data to determine reasonable predictions for our rug advisor algorithm.

We also realised that whilst this data was brilliant for our R&D team , it would in turn be brilliant for you our end users and we began to develop a sensor that would be robust enough to withstand the rigorous of life under a blanket. We also needed to ensure that we could deliver data to your phone and to the cloud.

We also have major developments planned for an updated version with more amazing technology to monitor your horse. In parallel to this, we also felt that another thing missing from the equestrian galaxy was a stable management system to keep track of all your activities in the yard such as farrier visits and billing, vet calls, vaccinations and records of all your horses. We developed this in depth database offering and have included it as part of the Horsepal programme.”