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Equine management

Track your horse's temperature and humidity with Horsepal to ensure better, more accurate rugging decisions.

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About Horsepal

What's Horsepal?

The Horsepal App & Sensor by Horseware Ireland offers new technology in equine healthcare. Track your horse’s temperature & humidity with Horsepal.

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Revolutionary piece of technology

Already trusted by hundreds of users, Horsepal is the revolutionary product that acts as your own personal assistant in the yard. Developed with your horse’s comfort in mind, the small sensor sits inside your horse’s rug, continuously monitoring their temperature and measuring their humidity. By tracking all of your horse’s data and saving it to your smartphone’s app, you’ll be afforded the knowledge of your horse’s comfort and when to change your horse’s rug based on accurate information.

Tom MacGuinness5
Founder & Executive Chairman of Horseware Ireland

Like what I did with rugs, the aim of Horsepal was to make life better for your horse. And it does that! It tells you if your horse is too hot, too cold, damp, or if it’s sweating. Of course it helps that this app makes your life better and easier too! You can input your vet details, photos of your horse’s passport or other useful documents. I personally use it as a comparison tool because the website stores the sensor’s data for up to a year, so I can analyse the information from different horses and locations at a glance. It’s incredibly handy.

Emma Farrelly 5
Horseware Ireland

As a busy equestrian with a full time job, it is hard to be at the yard ad much as I would like to be. One of my favourite features of the Horsepal is that it shows me my horses temperature and humidity for the times when I cannot be there. The sensor can store up to 3 days of information, so whenever I do go to check my horse and take a reading using the Horsepal App, I can be assured that she is comfortable for the times that I’m not there, giving me peace of mind.

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The Horsepal Mobile and Web application offers a range of functions.

Stable Management
Manage multiple stables, manage staff, vet and farrier interaction & invoicing
Horse Management
Manage multiple horses
inside stable
Temperature & Humidity
Temperature & humidity readings every 15 minutes display in graphs
Rug Advisor
Rug recommender, weather forecast, complex algorithms to eleminate guesswork
Horse Breeding
Build a family tree for
all your horses
Horse Documents
Store all your equine documentation, retrieve at the push of a button

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