Our Heart Rate Monitor – A Window to Your Horses Heart

Our Horses Are At The Heart of Everything We Do

Horses are our lives, and for many, it’s our livelihoods. It’s in our best interests to cherish them: At Horsepal we get it.

The health of our equine friends is paramount, and good health starts from the inside, but it’s the inside that we can’t see with the naked eye and make a judgement on how well our horses are doing. We can look at a beautiful creature who looks glossy, fit and full of life – on the outside, but how differently the picture can be on the inside. But how often do we know what’s occurring inside? Usually a costly visit by the vet is when we are altered to the fact that something isn’t quite right. By then, is it too late?

At Horsepal we are devoted to making sure you don’t reach that stage when it comes to your horses’ health.

Core values at the heart of what we do

Innovation, integrity and simplicity are key for us and with those core values at the heart of what we do, the horse Heart Rate Monitor is one crucial benefit we provide to you horse owners to ensure you are getting the best health awareness benefits for your horses. We wanted to ensure you have a tool that is easily used, portable and accurate so you always know how your horses’ heart is performing. This is especially key when you have invested in a racehorse, polo pony, endurance racer or, indeed, any working animal. Be assured that you are able to get an accurate heart rate reading in the quickest time possible. This is a key feature for endurance racing. Imagine being able to get an accurate heart rate reading downloaded in less than ten seconds; This means less time spent in the vet gate.

Imagine taking all that stress and guess work away from your stable manager, and you, as owners. A machine that even the vets themselves can use, or see the information that you have supplied, because you regularly use the HRM.

And don’t forget it’s not just the horses that benefit.

Anyone working with the horses has the information at their fingertips. The HRM displays all the key information you would expect; for example: –

  • Easy Viewing on the display;
  • Always knowing how much battery life is left;
  • Bluetooth enabled;
  • The heart rate signal indicator which shows you how good your connection is;
  • A timer;
  • An average of eight to ten seconds to get an accurate reading;
  • The HRM is a multi-use tool. You can use it as a hand-held or clip it to a belt;
  • The monitor and the screen are all in one complete product
  • Download the Horsepal app to allow you to access data anytime

We have designed the HRM for ease of use, convenience and for your peace of mind, along with all of its practical functions.

“It really is the window to your horses’ heart” – Ronan Woods, MD, Horsepal