Setup Horsepal Sensor
In your Horsepal package you’ve got a battery, sensor, lanyard and HP button.

How to insert the battery
The battery has two sides. One side is plus and the other side is minus. The plus side is marked on the battery with a “+” sign.
When you are inserting the battery, the minus side should face the bottom of sensor and the plus side should face you.

After you insert the battery, close the lid. Your sensor should be automatically turned on.
I can’t find my sensor on the App?
If you can’t find your sensor in the application, you can hold the power button for 10 seconds to turn off the device. After that, hold the power button for 4 seconds to turn the device on.

Setup Horsepal Application

Download the application to your smartphone and open it.
Follow the on-screen instructions.

Registration or Login

Registration: Enter your email and password. Confirm password and press Sign Up.
After that you will get a confirmation email with the link to confirm your account.
Your information will be saved securely.
Login: Enter your email and password and press log in.

1. Step Add Stable
Click on the button Add Stable. Enter your stable name, address and number of stalls. Address: you can find on map or you can enter address manually and click on “Locate on Map”.
After that click “Save.”

2. Step Add Horse
Click on button Add Horse.
Enter your horse’s details and select picture. After you fill all of the fields, click on Save Horse.

3. Step Link Sensor
Click on button Link Sensor.
You will see a list of Sensors. Click on your sensor.

Select horse clicking on button “Select Horse.” After that click “Save.”
*** You can rename your sensor clicking on button “Change Name.”
Click on “Monitor Horses.” The application will start to read data from the sensor. After reading is done, go back to your Dashboard.

My Stables: You can see your current stables or you can add new stable.
My Horses: You can see your horses or you can add a new horse.
Monitor Horses: You can monitor your horses if you already selected Sensor.

You can see a list of your stables. Click on Stable Name to go to Stable Dashboard

Stable Dashboard
Inside the Stable Dashboard you can see your horses or you can add a Person in Charge, Groom, Vet or Farrier.


You can a see list of all horses.

Temperature/Humidity: Your Sensor Readings, on click you will see a list of all readings for that horse.
Details: You will go to Horse Dashboard.
Graphs: You will see graph with humidity and temperature for your horse.
Rug weight: Set current rug weight for your horse.
Read from: You can read data from your sensor.

Horse Dashboard
Here you can see your horse image and horse data.
You can also see breeding and purchases, rug advisor.
You can invite someone and share a horse with them.
You can see notifications for horse and documents.

Temperature Range
The temperature and humidity is read between the rug and horse’s skin. The ranges can be set from Menu-> Settings.
These ranges depend on where you are located.

We suggest a range of 25-35 degress celsius for temperature and 20-60% of humidity.