Objective of the Research & Development

Following the successful development, the learnings, and market feedback from Horsepal 1, Horseware Ireland sought to develop a new smart wearable technology for horses based on the Internet of Things (IoT). This will allow precise data to be collected from the horse in real time. The data collected will be based on the horse’s exercise and general welfare so that it could be analysed and used in real-time and / or stored for future analysis by receiving mobile equipment.

The team plans to create a wearable equine sensor that will read GPS, temperature, humidity and include an accelerometer to record horses’ activity with gait analysis and calories burned. The new sensor will potentially include a heartrate monitor, monitoring distress levels and alert owners to all the above in real time. For the live-streaming – an IoT device will send information remotely over 3G / 4G.

As well, the device was sought to serve as an early warning system for colic (a potentially fatal equine condition) or should the horse escape (geo-fencing).

Horseware Ireland are incredibly grateful for the support received from Enterprise Ireland in this second phase of development and co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).