About the Sensor

• Horsepal® is a small Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor that connects to your smartphone and attaches to the inside of your horse’s rug.
• The Horsepal® sensor is approx. 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 1.5 cm encased in durable plastic.
• The sensor itself will take a reading every 15 minutes to preserve battery life.
• The sensor will hold 3 days’ worth of information before the oldest readings are over-written.
• You can take readings by going out to your horse and reading the sensor with the Horsepal® app on a Bluetooth device – the range of the sensor is approx. 10 meters / 30 feet unobstructed. If you do not have an internet connection when you are taking a reading, the information will be stored locally in the app on your device and will upload to the cloud once you have an internet connection.
• You can upload readings to the cloud from the app by going from ‘Desktop’ > ‘Menu’ > ‘Sync from Cloud’.
• The sensors are water resistant, so they will withstand rain, sweat and moisture from a damp or wet cloth if you want to wipe away any muck, sweat, grease etc. However they must be removed from rugs during washing.
• The sensor will automatically start ‘On’ once the battery is inserted so there is no need to use the button on the front of the sensor.
You can turn the sensor on and off without removing the battery. Press the power button on the front using a pen for 10-12 seconds until you see a red light to turn it off. You can turn the sensor back on by pressing the power button again for 3-5 seconds with a pen until you see a green light.

How do I update the app?

The update process of the Horsepal® App works just like for any other app on your mobile device.
• How to install an update on an Android phone
Go to the Google Play Store.
Click on ‘My apps and games’ in the menu bar.
The apps that have an update available are marked with ‘Update’.
Click on the word ‘Update’ next to the App to launch the installation of the update.
• How to install an update on an iPhone
Go to the Apple Store.
Click on the symbol ‘Updates’ in the menu bar. Select the Horsepal® App and click on ‘Update’.

Why should I update the app?

It is essential to update the app once a new update is available.
Every new update fixes errors which have been detected in previous versions. The updates also give you access to new features which you would not want to miss. As soon as we find solutions to bugs or when we add any new features, we would add these in the new updates.
So don’t forget to regularly update your Horsepal® app!

About the Battery

• The sensors use a CR2477 coin cell battery. Each Horsepal® sensor includes one battery. Should anything happen to this battery, you can easily replace them as they are readily available to buy online.
• The battery will last for up to 14 months when used correctly.
• The battery has two sides. One side is ‘plus’ and the other side is ‘minus’. The plus side is marked on the battery with a “+” sign. The minus side is the bumpy textured side.
• When you are inserting the battery, the minus side should face the bottom of sensor and the plus side should face you. (bumpy side down, writing facing you).
• After you insert the battery, close the lid with a coin or keyring. Your sensor should be automatically turned on.

What Affects Battery Life?

The battery is not designed to take a lot of readings in a short period of time.
If you get a successful reading, you should not need to take another reading for a few hours.
If your device fails to take a reading, do not keep attempting to take readings. This will drain the battery making it harder to obtain a successful reading.
You should remove the battery, clean out the inside to ensure that there is no hair or dust, make sure to re-insert the battery the correct way around and attempt another reading after waiting 15 minutes.

How can I access the data that the sensor collects?

Once you're within 30 feet of the sensor, you can use the Horsepal® App to connect to the sensor via Bluetooth and download all the data the sensor has collected. You'll be able to this information through the app, but you'll see even more if you log into the Horsepal® website from your desktop.