About the App

You do not need to purchase the Horsepal® sensor to avail of the app. The app is free to download and can be used as a stable management system using the sensor. The only key feature that you will miss out on is the analysis of your horse’s temperature and humidity.

Features and Benefits of the app With
Connect to your Horsepal® sensor to read your horse’s temperature and humidity.
Analysis of your horse’s temperature and humidity readings for the previous week through graphs.
Share your horse’s information with friends.
Shared contacts can read your horse’s information for you when you are not around.
Rug Advisor
o This pulls the GPS location of your horse’s stable and using our advanced algorithms, based on what rug your horse is currently wearing and what temperature your horse is currently at, get advice on what rug to put on your horse based on weather forecast for the next 5 days.
o Keep a record of your horse’s breeding.
Purchase History
o Keep a record of your horse purchase history. When you buy a new horse you can move the horse from one owner to the new owner, so the new owner can see old documents (such as X-rays), temperature/humidity data, calendar (or worming, farriers etc).
o Keep copies of passport, marking sheet, x-rays, results etc.
o Keep pictures and videos of your horse stored in one place.
o Store contact details of vet, farrier, riders, grooms etc.
o Call, text and get directions straight from the app.
You can download the app by following the links below