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Horsepal HRM

The Horsepal Heart Rate Monitor system has a built in LCD status display and an 8 second read time making it the fastest and most accurate equine HRM on the market. This very versatile monitor can be clipped onto the Horsepal Handle or Electrode belt which come included with the system.

***Horsepal 2.0 App not compatible with Horsepal 1.0 sensor, if you are owner of Horsepal 1.0 sensor, please see more info below in the Horsepal 1.0 section

Horsepal Comfort and Fitness

The Horsepal Comfort and Training sensor monitors and stores your horse’s Rug Temperature, Rug Humidity, Activity, Sleep patterns in “Field Mode” and doubles up as a Heart Rate Monitor in “Training Mode”. Download the stored data to the Horsepal App which will advise you on what rug type to put on your horse and where you can also analyse the fitness of your horse.

Horsepal Comfort and Training sensor coming in December 2021

Horsepal 1.0

Track your horse's temperature and humidity with Horsepal to ensure better, more accurate rugging decisions.

***Horsepal 1.0 sensor is discontinued. If you have already purchased Horsepal 1.0 sensor you can continue to use current "Horsepal" app and sensor. We have developed a new application "Horsepal 2.0" which curently doesn't support Horsepal 1.0 sensor, but we are working on the integration and we will migrate all Horsepal 1.0 users to the new application until 31st of December 2021. You will be notified by email.

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